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Testimonials for Steven M. Dellose M.D.


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Steven Dellose

Steven M. Dellose, M.D.

“Dr. Steve Dellose is a most inspirational, innovative surgeon.  He is always confident, comforting and compassionate with a smile. He took that extra moment to share additional insight or calm my anxieties as I approached the next stage of the healing process.  I was fortunate and honored to be included in some of his latest creative techniques. In the early stages of my total knee replacement he detailed how I could guarantee my own success with a positive attitude and a dedicated physical therapy conviction. His philosophy permeates throughout the entire office, his surgical team and even his patients. We all sang the same tune…”your rehabilitation is dependent on your own efforts”…"it is very important to get your leg straight"…"0”degrees” the “sooner the better”…..”your recovery will be so much faster”…..How could I not  listen and work even harder to achieve great results…..and I did!…Thank you Steve… are the epitome of the word “healer”.  You have given me my life back.” 

~ Knee POSTER BOY, Joe Amon


“I recently had my right knee replaced by Dr. Steven Dellose.  I also had my left knee replaced in 2008 after many years of being in pain.  My knee problems stemmed from my athletics when I began contact sports around 10 years of age until I ended my contact sports around 35 years of age.  Prior to having either knee replaced, I received a series of shots in my knees to see if that would ease the pain.  Unfortunately, the shots were not effective, and I needed to schedule surgery.  It was reassuring to know that Dr. Dellose and his staff were there to guide me through that process.  I am very grateful for the care I received from Dr. Steven Dellose, Joseph Cassidy and Christine LaFashia of Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists.  The counseling they provided prior to my surgery along with the treatments, surgery, and finally, rehabilitation, has enhanced my life.  I am looking forward to a long active life with my wife, children and grandchildren.” 

- William J. “Bill” Christopher, Jr.